BIBIBOP Development, LLC, owner of the BIBIBOP Asian Grill chain of fast-casual restaurants, is opening 14 new locations across four metropolitan areas: Los Angeles, Chicago, Cleveland, and the District of Columbia, including neighboring communities in Maryland.

The expansion, to be completed by late summer, more than doubles the current number of BIBIBOP Asian Grill restaurants, with 13 of the new locations being converted from previous ShopHouse restaurants owned by Chipotle, and one new construction in Cleveland. BIBIBOP Asian Grill focuses on promoting its signature “WELL B•ING” through healthy, delicious food that offers an Americanized twist on the traditional Korean dish bibimbap, meaning “mixed rice.”

Customers can build their own perfect BIBIBOP customized to their tastes, choosing from a unique mix of rice, fresh vegetables, quality proteins and complementing Asian-inspired sauces.

“It’s a very exciting time for BIBIBOP Asian Grill as we go beyond our Ohio origins to bring our fresh dining experience to more guests across the country,” says Charley Shin, CEO of BIBIBOP Asian Grill and international restaurant concept Charleys Philly Steaks. “Equally important is our commitment to bring our WELL B•ING to all of the communities in which we do business by strengthening our neighbors and enriching the lives of our team members.”

At each BIBIBOP Asian Grill restaurant, everything is freshly chopped, grilled, cooked and prepared on site daily. Standout ingredients include spicy chicken, organic tofu, daikon, kale, kimchi and BIBIBOP’s unique purple rice. Black rice—a superfood once reserved only for emperors—boasts more antioxidants per serving than blueberries and also is packed with fiber, iron and copper. When steamed together with white rice, the result is BIBIBOP’s vibrant, nutrientpacked purple rice. BIBIBOP also offers free miso soup in all locations as a complimentary and satisfying pairing with their rice, noodle, and salad bowls.

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