A message from Big Boy:

In recent days, there has been much speculation on the status of Big Boy being permanently replace as the icon of our restaurants. This cannot be further from the truth. Big Boy is America’s favorite mascot and has never, nor will he ever be replaced. Big Boy has been and continues to be the best and brightest of our brand.

Beginning in 1936, the original double-decker hamburger has been a staple of our restaurants and continues to be the benchmark for so many other brands. Often imitated, but never duplicated, Big Boy is a symbol of good times, happy days and fond memories. Big Boy will always be the icon, the hero of the brand – a brand that just celebrated it’s 84th birthday and a brand who is poised to continue to expand.

Any usage of the Dolly character was intended as a part of the promotion for the new Dolly Chicken Sandwich, which arrived in restaurants on Monday, July 6th. As a part of the promotion, Big Boy gave over 1,300 prizes away to celebrate the launch.

Big Boy is happy to announce its new global reach with new locations in Thailand and Indian Springs, Las Vegas. Big Boy has developed an exciting new menu, set to roll-out within the next month, with a streamlined approach to the classic favorites everyone loves and some updated items that are sure to please.

“While headlines are catchy and meant to grab attention, nothing will ever replace our Big Boy. He has been a part of the fabric the community for decades and will continue to be there for generations to come,” says Kelly Murphy, VP of Operations. “Big Boy, is and always will be the beloved icon that makes people smile.”

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