Big Boy Restaurants continues to announce plans of expansion. As the company celebrated a deal that brought Big Boy international into Thailand and plans to grow across Southeast Asia, Big Boy announced another partnership expanding the brand. Big Boy, partnered with Terrible Herbst, is set to bring Big Boy back into Nevada in Indian Springs. Big Boy, known as Bob’s Big Boy in that region of the country, is ready to expand the brand in Nevada and deliver our classic comfort food and even better experiences to so many. Terrible Herbst incorporated in Southern Nevada back in 1959 and now operates over 200 properties consisting of Convenience Stores, Car Washes, Casinos, Restaurants and Taverns across NV, CA, AZ and UT.

The brand continues to show it’s commitment to expansion and growing the brand. As the brand is preparing new adventures for Big Boy and his best friends, Dolly and Nugget, they are excited to have Mr. Terrible join in on the fun in Nevada. As the brand moves forward, it does so with an eye towards the future of even further growth and the continuous focus on overall guest experience, leading the charge on having the best quality food.

“Last week, we made Big Boy a global icon and I could not be more excited and proud to announce, yet another, expansion of our brand here in America,” says Tamer Afr, CEO, Big Boy. “We are proud to have partnered with such a strong brand in Terrible Herbst and excited for them join us in expanding the brand not only in Indian Springs, but across Nevada. This continued expansion continues to show the strength of our brand and the emotional connection that so many have with Big Boy continues to allow that growth to happen. As I said before, get ready because we are ready to bring Big Boy to every state and once again, be the gold standard.”

“All of us at Terrible’s are beyond excited to announce our partnership with the iconic brand, Big Boy,” says Matt Osa, Executive Vice President of Operations, Terrible Herbst Inc. “Terrible Herbst has always been an organization that truly values our team members, the communities in which we serve and the ability to bring a ‘deliberately different’ experience to our customers. The expansion of Big Boy in Southern Nevada, which begins with the Indian Springs location, is going to be a game-changer for this community and we couldn’t be happier to see this vision come to life.”

Big Boy Restaurants and Terrible Herbst are releasing footage of the meeting from Big Boy and Mr. Terrible. Big Boy is not only expanding outside of Michigan, but in Michigan as well and will provide an update on that in the days to come.

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