This August, fans of the emerging salad franchise restaurant, The Big Salad, will have several new clean salad dressings to choose from to top their made-to-order salads.

CEO and Founder John Bornoty today announced the restaurant would unveil three new dressings, an Italian Herb Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette and a Balsamic Garlic & Basil Vinaigrette. All dressings are consistent with The Big Salad’s mission to bring more clean-eating options to market.

“It’s always fun when we can expand our offerings and give our customers more fresh, healthy options to enjoy,” Bornoty says. “All three dressings will be made fresh daily and rolled out in all of our locations throughout Michigan and Texas.”

Clean eating,the concept of eating whole foods that are unprocessed, unrefined, and therefore as close to their natural form as possible, has been a big trend in the restaurant industry for the last few years. The National Restaurant Association reported clean eating as one of thetop concept trendsfor 2017 as local families strive to eat healthy foods instead of processed junk full of preservatives.

“Clean eating is a concept I fell in love with when I opened our first restaurant back in 2008 and I still get excited when we are able to expand our offerings in that spirit,” Bornoty says. “We have been testing the dressings throughout our stores for the last several months. Our customer are very excited for its release and love the flavor and preservative-free options.”

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