The Big Salad, headquartered out of Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan, is an exciting and fresh restaurant concept for those seeking a healthier diet and lifestyle at fast food prices. As The Big Salad continues to trend upwards in franchise locations they have turned to Naranga for their full suite of franchise management software.

Naranga’s lead management software will provide them with the ability to take full control of their sales pipeline, streamline lead flow, and increase conversion rates – all while reducing costs. With the implementation of Naranga’s central operations software, The Big Salad will have “one source of truth” with integrated business processes including templates for site buildout, centralized document management, day-to-day communications, support ticketing, contract expiration notifications and more.

In addition, The Big Salad has switched to Naranga for online employee training and brand standards/field audits. Online employee training will ensure a consistent message to consumers at all locations, while brand standards/field audits will follow up and provide direct insight to every location’s brand performance and consistency. Together both solutions will preserve The Big Salad’s message across all locations to guarantee their signature experience.

“We initially met Naranga at IFA earlier this year. We were impressed with the simple and intuitive interface of all solutions, and that they could provide us a one stop shop for many facets of operating our business,” says John Bornoty, founder and CEO of The Big Salad.

“The Big Salad is a great example of a trend that we have seen in the market over the last year.  An emerging concept that is laying the technology rails early to get a firm handle on their operations, while proving to current and prospective franchisees that they will receive superior support across all facets of their business,” says George Duffield, VP of Enterprise Sales at Naranga.

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