As the month of October, and National Bullying Prevention Month, come to a close, BIGGBY COFFEE wrapped up their partnership with STOMP Out Bullying and thank all of their customers that allowed BIGGBY COFFEE to collect over $25,000 in donations for the national anti-bullying organization.

As community members banned together October 7–20 to round up their change at BIGGBY COFFEE registers across the nation, BIGGBY COFFEE and STOMP Out Bullying are proud to thank each and every community member that took the time to donate and create a voice for those that may be fearful of using their own voice.

STOMP Out Bullying is the leading nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the culture for all students by reducing and preventing bullying and cyberbullying; educating against homophobia, LGBTQ discrimination, and racism; providing practical solutions on how to respond to bullying; and helping those at risk of suicide through their HelpChat Line. With celebrity public service announcements and their long-standing #BlueUp campaign, STOMP Out Bullying has become known throughout the nation and world for their efforts to bring attention to and end bullying.

In a world where bullying and cyberbullying are becoming more and more prevalent, BIGGBY® COFFEE is honored to work with an organization like STOMP Out Bullying, who hold the same belief as BIGGBY COFFEE that everyone should feel valued, loved, important, and heard.

BIGGBY COFFEE is excited to see so many funds going to the organization and looks forward to continuing to support STOMP Out Bullying.

“We are so tremendously grateful for the support from BIGGBY. We have always been an organization dedicated to spreading kindness and preventing bullying and cyberbullying and we are tremendously grateful for the support from BIGGBY.  This donation helps us to keep funding our programs to make bullying history,” says Ross Ellis, CEO, from STOMP Out Bulling.

Although the donation period is over, BIGGBY COFFEE customers can continue to brew change with STOMP Out Bullying.

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