After announcing their partnership with Living Hope International last week Biggby Coffee announced their plans to continue to grow in conscious capitalism and make a concerted effort to partner with organizations throughout the world doing good. Living Hope International uses sales from their coffee farm to house and run an orphanage for children whose parents have died, striving to create a life full of love, hope, and education for children who otherwise wouldn’t have it.

This Giving Tuesday, Biggby Coffee customers can stop into locations across the nation and try the new Living Hope coffee, Ubumi, and make a real difference in the lives of children in Zambia. Giving children an opportunity to have 12 years of schooling with the goal of moving toward a higher education degree that they can use to give back to their Zambian communities, Living Hope works to give children in their orphanage an incredible life that they would not otherwise have through their coffee farm.

With that, Living Hope gives back to the community by way of summer camps for children in the community, upgrades to the community that all will benefit from like soccer fields and a new public water well, and pays their employees an above-average wage.

Biggby Coffee has purchased an entire years’ worth of Living Hope’s coffee beans—around 25,000 pounds of beans. This purchase has added 70 beds to the Living Hope orphanage; 70 more children will get the life-changing care that only Living Hope can provide.

Grown on the Living Hope property near Ndola, these coffee beans are grown in fertile soil, at an elevation of 4,300 feet, and get careful attention, all producing a rich flavor that is sure to impress even the most discerning coffee connoisseur.

This partnership comes after co-CEO, Bob Fish, and his wife, Michelle, traveled to Zambia as a part of their mission to create meaningful partnerships with organizations who have a mission to increase quality of life for their communities. As the friendly coffee community, Biggby Coffee strives to work with companies and organizations who have likeminded values and goals of creating a healthy planet with happy people.

Co-CEOs, Fish and Michael McFall, announced earlier in the year their plan to have half of all the coffee they serve in their stores being direct from farmer relationships within the next three years, and Biggby Coffee is excited to start with Living Hope and see where their next partnership takes them.

Customers can start seeing the Living Hope coffee—Ubumi—in stores this Giving Tuesday, December 3. Customers can buy coffee beans by the pound or purchase brewed Ubumi coffee as it makes its way to the brewed coffee rotation.

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