MeazureUp welcomed Billy Sims, the famous barbecue chain, as its newest customer to begin using them for their digital field operations program. Billy Sims BBQ, named after the former NFL star and 1978 Heisman Trophy winner, began operations in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2004. Since then, the brand has grown significantly with more than 50 locations across six states. The company is poised for continued expansion throughout the U.S. For Billy Sims, MeazureUp will be an integral component to this plan, ensuring that each new location operates consistently.

Eddie Owens, franchise coach at Billy Sims said that they chose to go with MeazureUp, the leading digital field assessment and operational solution “to help foster the businesses growth strategy.” MeazureUp will do their part in helping Billy Sims achieve their goals through consistent operations using their digital assessment tool.

MeazureUp is a process activity monitoring solution that delivers consistency and sustainability of operations, with built-in analytics to drive decision-making and performance improvement.

As the brand continues to scale, MeazureUp will support them to make both their existing and new locations run efficiently. Using any mobile device, Eddie’s team can visit the restaurant and track all assessment information from one convenient place. With the capability to take photos, add comments and create action plans, increased accountability comes standard. Management can now see detailed analytics and begin to spot operational trends on what’s succeeding and what needs improvement. Using MeazureUp will help Billy Sims in gathering stronger assessments from their locations and provide irrefutable data from each audit. Owens says, “using MeazureUp will make it easier to standardize operations across our growing network, conduct assessments and provide detailed analytics in real time.”

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