In honor of Employee Appreciation Day, Biscuitville Fresh Southern announced that the company has established a special fund to assist Biscuitville employees who are experiencing unforeseen financial hardships. Employee  Appreciation Day, observed on the first Friday every March, is an opportunity for employers to  give special thanks or recognition to their employees. 

“At Biscuitville, our purpose is to enhance lives by serving others – and that begins with serving  each other. So, it’s with great pride that we share the news that we have established the  Biscuitville Rise Fund – created by employees, for employees,” Biscuitville President and CEO  Kathie Niven says.  

The Rise Fund, launched in 2022 with leadership gifts from the Jennings family and senior company leaders, also includes individual donations from employees, along with financial  support from Biscuitville, Inc., and outside donors. The fund, which provides one-time assistance for employees experiencing a recent crisis and is solely available to Biscuitville  employees, has already provided assistance to multiple Biscuitville employees.  

Teamwork is among Biscuitville’s core values. Even prior to the RISE Fund being established, when employees at Biscuitville ask for help, they are met with compassion.The RISE Fund  furthers the company’s commitment to its employee values, which includes gratitude, respect and integrity.  

To administer and manage the Rise Fund, Biscuitville is partnering with America’s Charities, a  501(c)3 nonprofit with more than 40 years of proven charitable funds-management expertise.  Donations to the fund are tax-deductible. Donations to the fund and applications from  Biscuitville employees for emergency funds can be made online at

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