Just in time for the New Year, Biscuitville Fresh Southern introduced its newest menu item, the Skinny Biscuit.

A favorite of in-the-know Biscuitville guests, the Skinny Biscuit has long existed as a “secret” menu item for those looking to trim the size of their biscuit. Its introduction to Biscuitville’s regular menu in January means every Biscuitville guest can now opt to enjoy their biscuit in a thinner size.

At about 180 calories, the Skinny Biscuit has nearly a third fewer calories than Biscuitville’s traditional biscuit. Made by removing a portion of the biscuit’s center, the Skinny Biscuit is the perfect option for guests craving one of Biscuitville’s scratch-made biscuits, but with fewer calories.

“The idea for our newest biscuit offering was born years ago when our guests began requesting a similar version of what is now named the Skinny Biscuit,” says Jim McCurley, Biscuitville’s Vice President of Culinary Operations. “Baked fresh every 15 minutes like our traditional biscuits, the Skinny Biscuit is for guests looking to cut calories from their favorite Biscuitville biscuit, and still enjoy that same great, Fresh Southern flavor.”

Any biscuit on the Biscuitville menu can be customized as a Skinny Biscuit for no additional charge. The Skinny Biscuit will be featured in Biscuitville’s advertising early in the new year. It is now available to guests in North Carolina and will be available at Biscuitville’s Virginia restaurant locations starting in April.

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