At Biscuitville Fresh Southern, local means serving all-natural chicken from Springer Mountain Farms, which is made up of more than 300 local family farms located throughout Northeast Georgia and South Carolina. All chickens from Springer Mountain Farms are naturally hatched and raised with absolutely no antibiotics, steroids or hormones and on a 100 percent vegetarian diet.

Springer Mountain Farms chicken is available at all Biscuitville locations in North Carolina and Virginia and is offered in a variety of scratch-made breakfast and lunch sandwiches, including Biscuitville’s popular Spicy Chicken and Honey Biscuit and the classic Fried Chicken Biscuit. Springer Mountain Farms chicken also is available grilled as part of Biscuitville’s high-protein English Muffin sandwiches or as a true fried tender on the Fresh Southern lunch menu.

“In the food and restaurant world, the word ‘natural’ is frequently misused and consequently misguides consumers,” says Burney Jennings, chief executive officer of Biscuitville. “Our partnership with Springer Mountain Farms makes it crystal clear to guests dining at Biscuitville. The natural chicken we serve is from a company that is truly dedicated to raising healthier chickens and with more humane standards.”

“In addition to being all-natural, chicken from Springer Mountain Farms is of the highest quality in terms of freshness,” he says. “That means the taste also is at its highest quality. Chicken from Springer Mountain Farms is simply delicious, and Biscuitville looks forward to a long partnership with the local family farms that work together as Springer Mountain Farms.”

“We partner with local and regional companies like Springer Mountain Farms to supply fresh, quality food sources whenever we can,” Jennings adds. “Biscuitville supports local family businesses because we’re one, too.”

Springer Mountain Farms is widely known and respected for providing better animal care, better living conditions, and more stringent biosecurity practices. The company was the first poultry producer in the world to gain the endorsement of the American Humane Association under their American Humane Certified™ program. Every family farm that is part of Springer Mountain Farms is American Humane Certified™ to ensure that their chickens are raised in an optimal, stress-free environment.

“The farmers who make up Springer Mountain Farms continue to look for better ways to preserve health and nutrition, provide care for our chickens, protect the environment and invest in the long-term livelihood of our farmers,” Dale Faunce, Springer Mountain Farms’ director of marketing, says. “We exercise great care in all that we do, and we know guests at Biscuitville will taste the difference. We take our ‘Great Care. Great Taste.’ motto very seriously.”

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