Biscuitville, a family-owned restaurant company known for its Southern-style breakfast, recently appointed Connie Bennett as chief operations officer. Bennett will be responsible for driving operational performance of Biscuitville’s 54 restaurants and will help lead the execution of the company’s strategic initiatives for growth. Bennett will report to Biscuitville’s chief executive officer, Burney Jennings.

“Bennett’s experience in taking a strategic vision and executing on that vision has strengthened Biscuitville’s position as a leader in the industry,” Jennings says. “With a proven track record of outstanding performance as director of operations and as a valued employee for the last 27 years, Bennett is well-suited to lead the company’s operations as we continue to grow and strengthen our brand in the coming years.”

Under Bennett’s leadership, Biscuitville’s friendliness, accuracy, and speed of service have consistently ranked in the top two highest rated brands, according to Sandleman and Associate’s syndicated restaurant performance study. She also holds one of the lowest employee turnover percentages in the industry at 42 percent, over half the national average.

When asked what she loves most about the company, she says: "For me it is all about the people. I am extremely passionate about this brand and I truly adore the people."

Bennett’s career with Biscuitville began in 1987 when she was hired to work as a crew member at one of the company’s first locations in Danville, Virginia. She quickly proved her leadership abilities and successfully worked her way up as a shift manager, assistant manager, store operator, director of training, and district supervisor. In 2008, Bennett was promoted to director of operations, where she excelled and grew to be a candidate for the COO position.

She replaces John Huffman who retired last year after serving as Biscuitville’s COO from 2008 to 2013.

Bennett earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management and Business Ethics from John Wesley College, now known as Laurel University. She currently resides in Burlington, North Carolina, with her husband.

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