Daktronics Inc. of Brookings, South Dakota, announced the first Burger King franchisee to utilize the company’s Visiconn digital reader board management solution. The Internet-based solution revolutionizes the way franchisees manage digital reader boards.

“With Internet-based display control, Burger King franchisees can choose how involved they want to be with controlling and scheduling message content on their digital LED reader board,” says Vic Wenner, Daktronics’ quick-service restaurant sales manager. “Franchisees now have the option to have their outdoor digital reader board automatically update with fresh, professionally created messages that feature Burger King core products, national promotions, and limited-time offers. They also have the option of creating their own messages and customizing their schedule.”

By choosing Daktronics as their display provider, franchisees are ensured all professionally created messages displayed will be dayparted to promote the right food and drink at the right time of day. In addition, because Visiconn is Internet-based, franchisees are able to update their displays’ messages from their office, home, or on the go—all they need is an Internet connection.

Recently, a St. Charles, Illinois, Burger King was the first restaurant to make the control solution a reality. Located roughly 40 miles west of Chicago, the restaurant’s grand opening at its new location was held on June 15 and featured BKC-approved content on its Daktronics-manufactured digital reader board. Bruno Hilgart, director of operations and Marketing for Gill Management, which owns and operates several quick-service restaurants in the St. Charles area, says the new digital reader board complemented by the Visiconn control solution will allow workers more time with customers and absolutely no time spent outside changing out an old-fashioned manual copy board.

“We’ll be able to promote our new Burger King’s prime location, advertise our menu items at the right time of day, and do it quickly and efficiently directly from the manager’s office,” Hilgart says. “Not only is it going to save us labor in the time it takes to manually change out a marquee, it will also help drive new sales.”

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