Burger King Corporation (BKC) and Restaurant Services Inc. (RSI), announced on November 5 plans to support a rural economic/business development plan initiated by J.L.Degraffenreid & Sons and the Mississippi Association of Cooperatives (“MAC”). De Graffenreid expressed willingness to buy cucumbers from MAC. Those cucumbers will become one of burger lovers’ favorite add-ons, pickles. Holding up their end of the initiative, RSI will purchase Burger King‘s pickle supply from De Graffenfeild.

The announcement was made during President Clinton’s visit to the Little Rock, AR Air Force base, part of a four-state tour in which the President is focusing on how corporations can boost local communities, including rural farm areas. Currently, the Burger King system uses approximately 41 million pounds of pickles in its U.S. restaurants.

“Obviously, this is a win-win situation. Small businesses in rural communities benefit with greater revenues and stability, and companies like Burger Kingand RSI benefit by having access to more suppliers,” said Burger King Corporation CEO, Dennis Malamatinas.

While neither RSI or BKC could comment on projected cucumber orders under the new agreement, Silva noted that Burger King is going through a tremendous growth period and, with that growth, comes the need for more produce, like tomatoes and pickles, to satisfy consumer demand.

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