Industry News | October 4, 2010

BK’s Fall Fundraiser Arrives, Supports Scholars

The Have It Your Way Foundation, the charitable arm of the Burger King brand, announced the launch of its annual Fall Fundraiser in support of the Burger King Scholars Program. Beginning October 1, guests who donate $1 at participating BK restaurants in the U.S. will receive a booklet containing seven free BK Value Menu-sized fry coupons and one coupon for a small soft drink. The Fall Fundraiser, running through October 31, is the largest in-restaurant promotion hosted by the Have It Your Way Foundation. All proceeds benefit the Burger King Scholars Program.

“The Burger King Scholars Program is an opportunity for Burger King Corp. (BKC), our franchisees, vendors, and guests to help students finance a higher education. Over the last 10 years, the program has helped more than 13,000 students alleviate some of the financial burden of the rising cost of higher education,” says Ivette Diaz, executive director of the Have It Your Way Foundation.

The Burger King system has long supported education in the communities that it serves and, since its inception in 2000, the Burger King Scholars Program has granted more than $14 million in scholarships to students in communities across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.

In celebration of the Burger King Scholars Program’s 10th anniversary this year, the program has been enhanced with expanded scholarship opportunities. In addition to $1,000 awards, the program’s scholarship structure will also include new $5,000 regional scholarships, as well as one annual $25,000 King Scholar award. In addition, students will also have more ways to use scholarship funds, such as for two- or four-year college degrees, as well as for accredited technical and vocational programs.

“Our revamped Burger King Scholars Program allows for more opportunities, for more students, in more ways than ever before,” Diaz says. “We are very proud to have expanded one of the Foundation’s premier programs and we are very grateful to our generous supporters and donors who make it possible for us to continue to support education.”

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