Burger King Corporation is once again teaming up with Nickelodeon, the number-one rated kids’ cable network, to offer a Burger King Big Kids Meal program featuring The Wild Thornberrys, the fictional family who treks the world in search of adventure. The four-week promotion begins February 14 at participating U.S. restaurants, while supplies last.

“The Wild Thornberrys is the second-highest rated children’s show on Nickelodeon and is a huge hit with kids from six to eleven years old,” said Richard Taylor, vice president, USA Marketing, Burger King Corporation. “We are excited about this promotion because we know it will deliver what Big Kids want and add value to our already successful Burger King Big Kids Meal program.”

The Wild Thornberry premiums include: the Thornberrys Traveling Trio, an enormous elephant friend whom Thornberry kids Debbie and Donnie accompany with amusing results; the Commvee Commotion, an interesting vehicle that allows Eliza, the star of the show, to cruise the jungle with relative ease; the Himalayan Mountain Climber which propels Eliza and her llama pal up a mountain; and Donnie’s Wild Ride, an exciting vine climb that takes him out of the tiger’s lair. One of these unique toys will be placed in every Kids Meal and Burger King Big Kids Meal.

“We know that children of all ages love this entertaining family who traipse through jungles, glaciers, deserts, and the highest mountains in search of creatures you and I would never want to encounter,” said Pam Kaufman, senior vice president of Promotions Marketing, Nickelodeon Communications. “We are delighted to be part of this grand adventure with Burger King to bring one of Nickelodeon’s best-loved animated TV shows to life with premiums that capture the spirit of The Wild Thornberrys.”

Burger King Corporation will be supporting this program with both print and broadcast advertising and Internet support, as well as in-store signage. The fifteen second spot, “Adventure,” combines original animation from The Wild Thornberrys series by its creators Klasky-Csupo and live action footage shot on location in Miami. A print advertisement is scheduled to run in Nickelodeon magazine next month.

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