Paytronix, the leader in guest engagement for restaurants and convenience stores, and Black Rock Coffee Bar, the national boutique coffee brand, announced the re-launch of Black Rock Rewards, as Black Rock updated its tech stack with Paytronix to better engage with loyal fans. The relaunch of Black Rock Rewards improves the guest experience, making it easy for rewards members to order and get rewarded quicker in-store or however they interact with the brand—ordering online, or with the new mobile app.

Black Rock Coffee Bar had outgrown its tech platform over the past decade of expansion from Oregon coffee shop roots into a national boutique brand with expanded menus, premium drinks and changing food offerings. The evolution of the brand required new technology to support increased online ordering, pick-up and delivery—both online and through an engaging mobile app. Most importantly, Black Rock wanted a robust loyalty program to better engage with its guests.

A new Point of Sale (PoS) system from Revel Systems was installed, chosen for its tight integration with other modern technology. With that foundation, Black Rock selected the full suite of Paytronix online ordering, mobile and guest engagement solutions to modernize the whole Black Rock digital tech stack.

“Our digital overhaul started with a focus on loyalty because we needed to know and understand our customer better. With the re-launch of Black Rock Rewards we have the platform to do that now,” said Jessica Wegener-Beyer, CMO, Black Rock Coffee Bar. “Paytronix is all about the guest experience, and by integrating loyalty across our digital platform with Paytronix, we can engage with our loyal fans at every touchpoint and reward them quicker.”

Owning the entire technology infrastructure, Black Rock Coffee Bar now controls the entire digital experience for its guests. Members can order online or from the new mobile app, check or spend their earned rewards. The new Paytronix platform makes it easy for Black Rock to modify the mobile app or change the rewards program. Black Rock marketing can regularly try new limited offers, change menu items and send promotions tailored to individual guest preferences.

“The cornerstone of any successful national brand is their guest experience. How you are providing your customers with enough service so that they find reasons to visit and engage with your brand,” stated Paytronix Chief Customer Officer, Andrea Mulligan. “We’re excited to help Black Rock navigate that essential question and find new ways to integrate modern technologies into their new program. These adjustments will make a major difference in how they interact with their customers. They’ve put in place an excellent foundation that will pay in dividends as Black Rock continues to evolve and strengthen their guest experience.”

Paytronix also integrates with third-party delivery and aggregators to make sure Black Rock orders coming through their systems get entered correctly and fulfilled properly to delight every guest.

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  • Reward yourself with a free medium drink on your Birthday!
  • Free medium drink reward at 170 bolts with the flexibility to bank bolts for a free any size drink at 215 bolts.
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