Blaze Pizza Monday announced the launch of its newest offering, Cheesy Bread, available nationwide starting today. Inspired by Mediterranean flatbreads, Blaze’s executive chef, Brad Kent, merged comfort food and gourmet ingredients to create Cheesy Bread—starting with Blaze’s scratch-made dough, then topping it with whole milk mozzarella, a sprinkle of oregano and drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

“When we talked about creating an accompaniment for our pizzas, we started with our fresh dough, which is crafted daily at each of our restaurants. We then combined our whole-milk mozzarella, oregano and a drizzle of 100% extra virgin Spanish olive oil, resulting in a symphony of flavors in every bite,” says Executive Chef and Blaze Pizza co-founder, Brad Kent. “We’re deliberate when introducing new menu items, and this warm, comfort food-type addition felt right to cap off 2020.”

Cheesy Bread will be served with two sides of the company’s signature house-made red sauce, ensuring an easy, shareable experience. Cheesy Bread is priced at $4.95, and to celebrate the launch, Blaze Pizza will offer Cheesy Bread FREE with any order of $25 or more.

Along with the launch promotion, Postmates and UberEats are also offering free Cheesy Bread. From December 7 – 13, Postmates is giving away Cheesy Bread for free with orders over $25. From December 21 – 30, UberEats is giving away Cheesy Bread for free with orders over $20.

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