Industry News | March 20, 2000

Blimpie Announces New Advertising Strategy

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Blimpie International, Inc. (Amex: BLM - news) announced today the launch of Blimpie Subs & Salads' new advertising strategy and campaign. The new strategy will focus on the product at Blimpie as a "good, honest sandwich" and will feature a new tagline-Simply Blimpie. The new TV campaign, which will begin a national flight on March 20, will prominently feature the sandwich and highlight the quality of the menu items offered by Blimpie.

The new Blimpie campaign was created around consumer research which revealed that people ate at Blimpie because they make a "really good sandwich" and because the products are "honest." Tony Conza, founder of Blimpie International, will continue to be the spokesperson for the Blimpie brand. Vice president of marketing, Courtney Carrasco, said, "The sandwich expert is still involved with our business on a day-to-day basis. Who knows a good sandwich better than Tony Conza-a simple sandwich man for 36 years?" Carrasco added, "The idea behind the new campaign is that because Blimpie sandwiches are 'good' and 'honest' we don't need slick advertising to sell them."

The new strategy is a move away from previous advertising that featured Tony Conza in humorous situations that focused on his passion for the Blimpie product. The new spots feature Tony as a simple sandwich man who feels Blimpie sandwiches don't need any special advertising gimmicks; they sell themselves.

Kirshenbaum, Bond & Partners in New York City developed the new strategy and new creative with input from Blimpie franchisees and consumer research and also handled the production of the new TV and radio spots.

Headquartered in New York, Blimpie International, Inc. franchises Blimpie Subs & Salads and Pasta Central and is the majority owner of Maui Tacos International, Inc., the franchisor of Maui Tacos and Smoothie Island. Blimpie Subs & Salads, a quick-service sandwich chain, has over 2,100 units operating in locations throughout the United States and in 14 foreign countries. The Company also owns the subsidiary B I Concept Systems, Inc., a professional design and equipment service company.


Tony, Yes I believe Blimpie honestly makes one of best sandwiches for the money, and word of of mouth is one of the most solid ways to build business, but it is slow and it will not help the franchises on the edge.Blimpie's has a very loyal customer, but there is not enough of them, ask all the franchises that have gone under living a slow death trying to pay bills with the $5 combos and ft long sales.Blimpie needs to be creative, smart and go after the business, not wait forthe business to come to it (business 101)Price points have not changed in years and either has the marketing which have crippled the franchises.Some may want to blame it on the economy, but the Blimpie business plan is flawed thinking they could hook their wagon to a $5 campaign that someone else created.Subway has in my opinion no where near the quality of product that Blimpie has, yet they have proven by thier ad campaign they could go after new customers, not old ones, but new ones, and sell less for more!If you need ideas, go to the line (the food line). The people that work the Blimpie franchises. They hear it all day long how good the product is. Young and Old, white and Blue colar they all love it. See just by accident created a possible idea that you could build off of.I believe it is time to change, big change. Out of 1500 locations opened how many are still open?

Their new ad campaign is dishonest on NFL Sunday 9/8..That is not what a Subway sandwich looks like..The $5 price point is redic low..It's tough to make a sandwich at home that size for that..with all the trimmings..

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