Blimpie restaurants will be offering three
Italian-themed panini-grilled sandwiches on its new garlic herb focaccia

Focaccia, a type of flat bread related to the modern pizza, adds to
the chain’s artisan breads including onion poppy ciabatta and whole grain

“Our new menu items showcase creative flavor combinations, featuring
our specialty breads and a line-up of hot panini-grilled sandwiches to
provide our guests with a high-quality sandwich experience at an affordable
price,” said Mark Mears, chief marketing officer for BLIMPIE. “The addition
of our new garlic herb focaccia bread and hot Italian-themed sandwiches
reflect our Real. Fresh. Taste.(TM) brand positioning that differentiates a
BLIMPIE from other subs.”

The ‘A Taste of Italy’ line-up features the new panini-grilled sandwiches at BLIMPIE — The Mediterranean, The Tuscan
and The Sicilian.

* The Mediterranean features oven-roasted turkey, parmesan-romano
cheese, roasted red peppers, baby spinach, tomato, oregano, and oil and

* The Tuscan includes oven-roasted turkey, pepperoni, provolone cheese,
roasted red peppers, baby spinach and creamy Italian sauce.

* The Sicilian consists of slow-cured ham, prosciuttini, pepperoni,
provolone cheese, roasted red peppers and creamy Italian sauce.

All three sandwiches are formulated to contain zero grams of trans fat
and can be ordered on the new garlic herb focaccia bread or on the onion
poppy ciabatta bread.

The ‘A Taste of Italy’ panini-grilled sandwich promotion will be
supported by BLIMPIE via a fully integrated multi-media campaign, including
broadcast, print advertising, in-restaurant merchandising and local
restaurant marketing activities.

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