BluTaco, the newest hot food program from PFSbrands, the parent company of Champs Chicken and Cooper’s Express, is set to open its first standalone location in early 2019 in Holts Summit, Mo. As a business within a business, BluTaco is off to a quick start with 7 locations across the nation due to its location friendly small footprint, limited SKU’s, easy prep procedures, quick-serve “built-to-order” style, and amazing taste. This southwest foodservice program is ideal for almost any size location and is garnering nationwide attention, especially as it branches out as a standalone.

Staking its claim as “Simply Southwest Goodness,” BluTaco strives to bring a unique flavor experience to customers with its blue corn tortillas and “Go TruBlu” saucing differentiator. If a customer goes TruBlu, they can coat their entrée in warm green Chile sauce or three cheese queso. It takes the meal to the next flavor level, with bold, southwest flavors that rival some of the fastest-growing quick-service chains. Jumping into the southwest food category, BluTaco delivers an exceptional meal and branding that customers will instantly recognize.

BluTaco can be paired with Champs Chicken to create an inviting eating destination for all flavor palates to increase foot traffic and overall store revenue. PFSbrands CEO Shawn Burcham explained, “Champs Chicken’s nationally recognized branding and comfort food draws customers in where they can try something new like BluTaco. We know that when people try our products they love them, creating repeat customers for both brands. When you combine healthy margins and the customer support that you won’t find anywhere else, it creates a win-win for everyone involved, especially with our 90-day money-back guarantee. Plus, it’s so hard to get any family to agree on one place to eat. You don’t have to with BluTaco and Champs Chicken at one place.”

With the opening of the first standalone location near the corporate headquarters, PFSbrands looks to expand even more rapidly across the United States by perfecting the first standalone BluTaco. The future is Blu and bright.

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