Bobby’s Burger Palace, the fast casual burger concept created by award-winning chef, Bobby Flay, announced the intention to file a Regulation A+ initial public offering that allows any investor the opportunity to invest in the company’s vision for accessible, high-quality burgers. Created by Chef Bobby Flay and Managing Partner, Laurence Kretchmer, Bobby’s Burger Palace is based on Flay’s love for food and travel and his commitment to bringing a signature Bobby Flay dining experience to everyone.

TriPoint Global Equities, LLC, working with its online division BANQ, will act as the lead managing selling agent and bookrunner for the offering. Bobby’s Burger Palace is seeking to become the first celebrity-driven company to launch a Regulation A+ IPO with listing on the New York Stock Exchange MKT (NYSE MKT).

The company seeks to raise up to $15 million in its IPO under Regulation A+ and then, in succession and subject to NYSE requirements, be listed on the NYSE MKT as “FLAY.” Bobby’s Burger Palace intends to use the proceeds from the offering to fund domestic and international expansion, sales and marketing, and for working capital and other general corporate purposes.

“I created Bobby’s Burger Palace with one goal in mind—to bring a quality burger experience to everyone and I have spent the last nine years perfecting the concept. I am thrilled to be able to finally share BBP with our fans around the world,” Flay says.

“We are very excited to be able to bring Bobby’s Burger Palace to millions of Americans and other investors around the world by creating the opportunity to invest in our company by buying shares at the initial offering price,” says Managing Partner, Laurence Kretchmer. “While a traditional public offering is generally reserved for large institutional investors and only the clients of the investment bank, we are taking advantage of new SEC regulations to level the playing field for all investors to participate concurrently in our IPO.”

Founded in 2008, Bobby’s Burger Palace is a fast casual burger concept created by award-winning Chef Flay. With the goal of bringing a signature Flay dining experience to diners everywhere, Bobby’s Burger Palace currently operates 17 locations throughout the U.S., with the intent to expand into new markets around the globe.

Located across nine states and Washington D.C., Bobby’s Burger Palace celebrates Flay’s love for the grill, with a menu comprised of over a dozen made-to-order, high-quality, never-frozen signature burgers, with proprietary sauces and toppings, hand-cut fries, as well as bold salads, spoon-bending milkshakes and refreshing drinks, all created from original Bobby Flay recipes.

Taking inspiration from Flay’s own travels across the U.S., Bobby’s Burger Palace has come to reflect the dining cultures where individual restaurants are located, each featuring distinctly local flavors and recipes. True to its signature welcoming hospitality and approachable price points, Bobby’s Burger Palace brings Flay’s favorite food to everyone.

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