Industry News | November 13, 2012

Bobrick Heats Things Up with TrimLine Series Hand Dryers

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Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc. has introduced their TrimLine Series Surface-Mounted Warm-Air Hand Dryers featuring a 4-inch projection for ADA and barrier-free compliance and low-profile, architectural styling. Seventy percent recycled satin-finish stainless steel (B-7128) or white-coated steel (B-7120) covers with black trim and side panels are available. Features include an optimum balance of fast drying time and a moderate sound level (73 dBA).

Dual parallax air flow delivers a broad warm air pattern for a comfortable hand dry. Paper towels are eliminated reducing costs by 95 percent, operation is energy-efficient. Motor and brushes are warranted for 3 years, all other parts for 10 years.


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