Industry News | May 2, 2011

Bojangles' Gives SC Teachers an A+


At its second annual Teacher Appreciation Breakfast, Bojangles’ announced a statewide fundraiser in support of education to be held in more than 100  Bojangles’ restaurants across South Carolina from Monday, May 16, through Sunday, May 29, to celebrate South Carolina Teacher Appreciation month. 

Bojangles’ also surprised the newly named South Carolina Teacher of the Year, Patti Tate of York School District Three in Rock Hill, with a five-night Caribbean cruise; randomly drew the name of Barnwell School District 45 Teacher of the Year, Lisa A. Wyndham, to receive another cruise; and awarded $1,000 to Spartanburg School District Seven Teacher of the Year, Ann McCall Salway, winner of the Charlie Dickerson Award for community service, with $500 designated as a gift to Salway and $500 for the non-profit of her choice. 

Bojangles’ is the founding sponsor of South Carolina Teacher Appreciation Month, and, in addition to once again offering all educators a free legendary iced tea with purchase throughout May, this year’s celebration includes a fundraiser for South Carolina Future Minds, the nonprofit organization that manages the Teacher of the Year program and provides private funding for public education across the state. 

The first two weeks of May, Bojangles’ will offer customers an opportunity to purchase a symbolic apple—$1 for red or $5 for green—each with a space for the donor to write their name and the name of a teacher they would like to honor. The apples will then be featured on the walls of each restaurant throughout the month to celebrate the state’s many outstanding teachers. 

"At South Carolina Future Minds, we work very closely with teachers across our state and know how important and touching it is for them to hear about the impact they've made, and we are thrilled that Bojangles' has provided an avenue for teachers to receive these messages from students—both past and present," says South Carolina Future Minds Executive Director Trip DuBard.

“As a graduate of South Carolina public schools, I know how hard these teachers work and the positive impact they have on students’ futures,” says Bojangles’ President and CEO Randy Kibler.  “We’re excited to offer a simple way for people to join us in celebrating these unsung heroes by making a donation to provide additional funding for our schools. When we all work together, donations of $1 or $5 can add up and have an enormous impact.”

“In addition to honoring these remarkable teachers,” DuBard says, “we know that each dollar we receive through the apple fundraising program will help teachers improve their curriculum, classrooms, and materials, which in turn will provide a better learning experience for the more than 700,000 students currently enrolled in South Carolina public schools.”

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