National Pi Day is around the corner, and while Bojangles’ famous Sweet Potato Pie isn’t actually circular in shape, it’s still perfect for celebrating this awesome occasion. Only on Monday, March 14, in celebration of the mathematical constant, our loyal fans and math lovers alike can get three of Bojangles’ delightfully delicious baked Sweet Potato Pies for $3.14.

Pi is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. The number starts with 3.14, but it goes on for infinity.  However, this sweet pie offer is only available while supplies last March 14 at participating Bojangles’ locations.

The Bojangles’ Sweet Potato Pie is a baked pastry, filled with a delicate sweet potato purée, covered in a slightly sweet butter and cinnamon sugar topping. It’s the perfect portable snack for tailgates, study sessions, and even math class—as long as you’re allowed to eat in class, of course.

“Our sweet potato pie is incredibly delicious and National Pi Day is the perfect occasion to reintroduce it to our fans,” says Randy Pointdexter, Bojangles’ senior vice president of marketing. “If you have never tried one of our Bojangles’ Sweet Potato Pies this is an ideal opportunity. Three pies for $3.14 is hard to beat. Share two and keep one for yourself, but we’ll warn you: These are so delicious, you may want to keep them all for yourself.”

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