Boloco Gets “Garam” with Indian Flavors

    Industry News | February 2, 2012

    The globally inspired menu at Boloco hit a few more points on the globe this week with the unveiling of a new Indian trio: The Simple Curry and Tikka Masala burritos or bowls, and a Mango Lassi smoothie.

    Boloco is a chain of fast casual burrito restaurants based in Boston known for delighting guests with bold and globally inspired flavors, and this new trifecta is their most ambitious effort to date.

    The Simple Curry is filled with all the most tantalizing curry spices, including cinnamon, pepper, coriander, cumin, turmeric, and cayenne. Curried cauliflower and brown rice complete the burrito, and the resulting flavor has a distinct "kick."

    The Tikka Masala is slightly milder and will please a lot of palates, especially those who favor the U.K.’s take on an Indian curry. 

    The Tikka Masala features a creamy tomato curry base filled with a garam masala spice blend, as well as brown rice in a burrito or bowl. Tikka literally translates to “piece of meat,” so the Boloco team agreed to stick with tradition and include a choice of protein with every order.

    As always, tofu and vegetables are available for vegan and vegetarian-friendly orders.

    After taste buds take a spicy virtual trip to New Delhi, the traditional Mango Lassi smoothie offers a chance to cool down. This smoothie nicely complements the two burritos and includes a blend of mango, non-fat milk, non-fat vanilla yogurt, and honey.

    “We’ve been experimenting with ‘Bollyloco’ for many months,” explains John Pepper, CEO and co-founder of Boloco. “It’s exciting to introduce something that people get viscerally excited about. As for this trio, we’re hopeful that our guests find it to be a true, authentic Indian experience.

    “And if we fall short on authenticity, always a tough measure in global cuisine, then at least many of our guests will find these latest creations off-the-hook delicious.”

    Visit Bollyloco and the new Indian trio until April 11 at all 18 locations. For more information, visit

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