Bonchon, a global leader in fast-casual Asian fusion dining known for its distinctive Korean double-fried chicken, has appointed former Global CFO Bryan Shin to lead Bonchon U.S. as CEO.  

Shin joined Bonchon as head of global finance in 2019 with more than 10 years in the global food and beverage space. He previously served in various top global leadership and senior positions with iconic brands including Goose Island Beer Company, Yum! Brands and CJ Foodville (a subsidiary of Korean conglomerate CJ Group), where he implemented strategies for a global launch of Korean cuisine. 

“As a leader with a solid cross-functional background, Bryan holds a holistic viewpoint of how to optimize the F&B business in a competitive environment,” says Bonchon Chairman of the Board Byungmoo Park. “His strength lies in his extensive knowledge of franchise business, market launch and store development, store operations and optimization, and exposure to franchisees from diverse backgrounds and countries, which are vital elements for the successful operation of a restaurant business.” 

In his new role, Shin will work to sharpen the brand’s positioning through menu innovation to drive trial, enhance guest touchpoints and continue to evolve the footprint and format based on location and market demands.

“As CEO at Bonchon, I have the unique opportunity to share my Korean heritage and love of the culture while also focusing on strengthening the fundamentals of our business. Initiatives will include launching new products, supporting our franchisees by providing tools to streamline operations, exploring the use of technology to improve efficiencies and developing a new store design and layout to meet ever-changing consumer demands.” says Shin. “I am extremely confident about Bonchon’s limitless potential as I embark on the journey of expanding our footprint across the U.S. and beyond.” 

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