Bonchon is launching a “Stop Asian Violence” fundraising campaign designed in response to the increased number of attacks against the Asian-American and Pacific Islander populations.

As part of the campaign, Bonchon has created a line of custom T-shirts where one hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of each shirt will be donated to GoFundMe’s AAPI Community Fund, a fund committed to rectifying the racial inequalities in our society. Bonchon will also match the dollar amount raised from the overall sales. Each shirt has “Stop Asian Violence” inscribed over the wearer’s heart, below the Korean symbol for love.

Across the back, Bonchon’s “Stop Asian Violence” mission statement reads:

Be kind with Open arms, with No hate. Instead, be filled with Compassion & Harmony. We are One world and should come together in uNity.”

T-shirts are available for purchase now for $20 each exclusively through, with all proceeds and matched funds going to: GoFundMe’s ‘AAPI Community Fund’ at:

Bonchon is simultaneously supporting this urgent mission from within, offering a day off to all corporate team members who volunteer for any non-profit supporting the AAPI community or who participate in a peaceful demonstration.

“The Stop Asian Violence Campaign offers Bonchon customers and non-customers alike another effective way to show their support for the inclusion of all people in the U.S., while helping to halt violent attacks directed towards the AAPI community,” says Bonchon CEO Flynn Dekker. “This initiative is just one example of our growing commitment to a national cause that promotes unity, harmony, and equality and is just part of Bonchon’s dedication to communities in need of support.”

Some of Bonchon’s past charitable efforts have included granting workers and company employees a day off to join peaceful protests for Black Lives Matter, as well as the day off to vote or volunteer at their local polling places. Bonchon also launched Hearts & Soles, a program selling fashionable socks and sneakers to raise money for furloughed restaurant workers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic through the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation’s Restaurant Employee Relief Fund. Throughout the pandemic, Bonchon has provided free food at hospitals and clinics across the U.S. and paid bonuses to its own frontline workers.

With the launch of the “Stop Asian Violence” campaign, Bonchon is hoping to unite all people towards the common goal of making the world a safer place for the AAPI community and continues its commitment to the ideals of unity, harmony, compassion, and equality.

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