Fast casual restaurants are currently the hottest segment in the restaurant industry, according to the NPD Group. The number of such chains has increased by seven percent between the spring of 2012 and this past spring. Much of this growth can be linked to fast casual concepts expanding internationally, joining already-established quick serves in regions across the globe. With its diverse menu of flame-grilled seafood and Piri Piri Chicken dishes, Boneheads is positioning itself as a viable international brand by providing entrepreneurs overseas with the opportunity to invest in a concept that is attractive to customers around the world.


Even though international markets vary greatly in size, income level and population compared to the United States, the Boneheads theme of healthy, flavorful food served in a casual environment can translate to various markets and customers around the world,” explains James Walker, board of directors. “With the recent addition of James Beard Award winner and culinary consultant Mark Miller, we now have the expertise to create new flavors that will be well-received overseas.”


With more than 30 years of professional experience, Miller is recognized as one of America’s foremost chefs and an expert in flavors and spices. In his new role, Miller will help Boneheads expand its menu offerings as well as provide the opportunity for new dish development, depending on the international market it serves. While the menu may change to accommodate local religious beliefs or dining customs, Boneheads’ comfortable atmosphere—with a clean color palette dominated by bold blue hues—is universally recognizable as a community gathering place for families and friends to enjoy a healthier meal.


Boneheads has the potential for success in several international markets. However, after taking a look at the current markets for growth, our target countries include the United Arab Emirates, India and North Africa,” Walker continues. “We believe Boneheads can become a thriving international brand based on the abundance of shopping centers and malls in these areas.”

Denise Lee Yohn: QSR's Marketing Guru, Growth, News, Pizza, Boneheads