Booster Juice, a premium juice and smoothie company in Canada, has chosen to implement the DataCandy Gift Card platform in 300 locations across Canada. Based in Alberta and a pioneer in the Canadian juice and smoothie bar industry, the menu at Booster Juice boasts fresh-squeezed juices, healthy smoothies and made-to-order sandwiches.

A partnership with the gift card leaders at DataCandy will enable Booster Juice to simplify its daily gift card operations by using one centralized and seamlessly integrated software system. The decision to combine the DataCandy gift card solution with the restaurant’s existing Vivonet POS system will create a real-time flow of data that will benefit both employees and franchisees. The ease-of-use will help improve frontline operations, while the visual dashboards and reports within the DataCandy back office will empower franchisees with the tools to monitor the number of gift cards sold, redeemed and reloaded.

“As a Q & R franchise chain, simplicity and speed are always key,” says Dale Wishewan, president and CEO of Booster Juice. “Integrating DataCandy with our POS system will not only make gift card transactions easier and faster, it will provide the company with important reporting insights needed to continually grow our gift card business.”

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