Jim Noble and his Noble Food & Pursuits team announced the opening of Bossy Beulah’s Chicken Shack November 19. The restaurant opened at 11 a.m. for lunch, with plans to add all-day service in the coming weeks. Bossy Beulah’s is a tribute to Noble’s great aunt, Beulah, who often fried chicken on Sundays after church and watched over Noble and his cousins from time to time when they were children.

Bossy Beulah’s Chicken Shack will not be Charlotte’s first taste of Beulah’s recipes, though. One of the most popular dishes at The King’s Kitchen is Aunt Beaut’s Pan Fried Chicken, served with 3 sides and a choice of cornbread or biscuit.

“Beaut, as we called her in our family, was a fixture in my childhood. She was a character, and could fry chicken better than anyone I’ve ever known,” says Noble. “We had a lot of fun with the design for the restaurant, and worked to bring out her personality with it so that guests could understand why she continues to be a fixture in my life and my work.”

Similar to the retro design featuring florals and pastels, the simplistic menu at Bossy Beulah’s Chicken Shack is a throwback. The highlights of the menu will be two chicken sandwich options: The Beaut consists of a fried Joyce Farms chicken breast, mayo, and pickles on a Copain bun, and The Cheesy Beaut adds cheese to signature sandwich.

Bossy Beulah’s will also offer Bossy Bites, hand-cut and hand-breaded Joyce Farms chicken breast nuggets, along with Iredell Slaw (named after Iredell County, where Beulah lived), fries, and a house salad.

A curated list of beer and wine, plus one signature cocktail featuring Canadian Club whiskey, (Beulah’s favorite), make up the beverage menu.

The dining area features limited counter and table seating, with additional seating on the outdoor patio and in Noble Smoke’s beer garden. Additional parking is also available at Noble Smoke.

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