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    Boston Market Founder to Open Fast-Casual BBQ Brand

  • Industry News October 2, 2013

    SlowBones Modern BBQ, a new fast-casual barbecue concept from the founder of Boston Market (originally Boston Chicken), will be opening in Burlington, Massachusetts, this fall. The restaurant will raise the bar on barbecue by serving high-quality authentic barbecue favorites in a quick, affordable, customizable, and easy format, with more modern options like gluten-free options, naan, and lettuce wraps and salads. SlowBones satisfies modern eating habits and is designed around the kind of food and dining experience that is increasingly demanded by consumers.

    Slowbonesfocuses on making and providing food that is made with fresh, quality ingredients—no canned food, no high fructose corn syrup, cage-free chicken, natural pork, and black Angus beef. Slowbones strives to fit into customers’ lives with online ordering and a comprehensive, yet easy to decipher, menu.

    “Barbecue is a genre that is really missing from the fast-casual game right now,”says founder Kip Kolow. “Slowbones will satisfy your craving for barbecue but also honor the way you want to eat. The exceptional quality of the ingredients and recipes, and our desire to honor your diet and lifestyle, is what makes Slowbones stand out.”

    Kolow developed and launched Boston Chicken in 1985. It was one of the first fast-casual restaurants in the country and experienced success from the get-go. It later became Boston Market, which is still thriving today. Kolow’s newest concept, SlowBonesModern BBQ, is a contemporary barbecue experience with quality ingredients in a fast-casual setting. Kolow, along with an outstanding opening team and talented group of chefs, has been working on creating, testing, and tweaking recipes for the past year to be sure that each menu item will please customers.

    The inaugural menu will include a wide selection of meats, like St. Louis Barbeque Ribs, Grilled Chicken, Pulled Pork, BBQ Braised Brisket, Flame Grilled Shrimp Burger, and more. For sides, there is Sweet Potato Pie, Panko Crusted Mac & Cheese, Cornbread, Smokey BBQ Beans, Maple Smacked Quinoa, and many others.

    Prices will largely stay between $6 and $12 for a full meal, made up of one or two meats and a choice of sides.  Sandwiches will come on brioche rolls, lettuce wraps for a carb-free option, or naan flatbread wraps. In addition, there will be signature salads and house-made dessert options. Takeout, catering, and bulk barbecue by the pound will be quick and easy at SlowBones. Food will be ready for pickup as soon as customers arrive after placing the order over the phone or online. Catering, both corporate and for private events, will be a key SlowBones service for nearby offices.

    SlowBones creates all sauces in house, with a dozen options available depending on preference. None of the sauces are made with high fructose corn syrup, and many are gluten free. The flavors include traditional barbecue sauces in both mild and spicy, honey mustard, and specialty options like horseradish cream, tzatziki, and buffalo blue cheese. Bottled sauces are expected to be available for purchase by early 2014.

    SlowBones Modern BBQwill be located in the Burlington Marketplace Shopping Center 80 Burlington Mall Road in Burlington, Massachusetts, across from the back entrance of the Burlington Mall.