Boston Market Launches Rotisserie Chicken Nuggets to Shake Up Competition

    Industry News | July 8, 2022

    Boston Market is changing how you eat rotisserie chicken and nuggets. The future of nuggets is here and thanks to Boston Market, they’re roasted, not fried. On Friday, the brand announced the launch of its one and only, Rotisserie Chicken Nuggets, a healthier grab-and-go meal option that currently does not exist in the market and is packed with big flavor. The nugget innovation will be available at all 315 restaurants nationwide and can be ordered in either signature or spicy flavors.

    Boston Market’s Rotisserie Chicken Nuggets are prepared with 100-percent all-white meat, taken from the best part of the chicken, and portioned into bite-size pieces. No two are alike. The nuggets are marinated with Boston Market’s renowned rotisserie chicken seasoning or spicy seasoning, depending on your tastebuds, to lock in flavor and make each bite as juicy as possible.

    The all-white-meat pieces are made-to-order and roasted in our rotisserie oven, receiving the same treatment our customer-favorite chickens get thanks to a proprietary basket cooking method created by Boston Market. The basket allows the rotisserie oven heat to gently roast each and every nugget as it rotates, similar to what the rotisserie chickens do at our restaurant.

    “The Rotisserie Chicken Nuggets will set the new standard for nuggets,” says president and Chief Rotisserie Expert for Boston Market, Jay Pandya. “They are bigger than our competitors, healthier than fried alternatives, and packed with flavor—there is no other true rotisserie option on the market.”

    Boston Market brought this new innovative item to its menu to fill a void customers were searching for. Rotisserie Chicken Nuggets will cater to a new generation of consumers who are on the move and craving a product they can eat on the go.

    “Our chefs worked hard to perfect a new type of nugget for consumers that is fresher and healthier, without the heavy breading or grease. These nuggets are our first hand-held option meal, so there’s no need for a knife and fork and guests can enjoy our signature rotisserie chicken on the go,” says Pandya.

    Because the nuggets aren’t fried like those sold by competitors, customers can expect a “guilt-free” meal. Boston Market-made nuggets are more convenient than ever in a hand-held meal option, served in a specially designed nugget cup. Guests can head to their nearest Boston Market and try the newest innovation in nuggets in a variety of combination meals including:

    • A small combo meal, including eight rotisserie chicken nuggets, one regular side, a fountain drink and a Boston Market dipping sauce, starting at $8.29
    • A large combo meal, including 12 rotisserie chicken nuggets, one regular side, one fountain drink, and two Boston Market dipping sauces, starting at $10.39
    • A la carte in Small (five nuggets and one dipping sauce, starting at $3.30), Medium (eight nuggets and one dipping sauce, starting at $5.20) or Large (12 nuggets and two dipping sauces, starting at $7.65)
    • A Kid’s Meal, including five nuggets, one small side, one dipping sauce, one kid’s drink, and one cornbread, starting at $5.49
    • A catering platter, including 80 nuggets and 10 dipping sauces, starting at $59.99
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