The chicken experts at Boston Market® are bringing the flavors of country to their menu with today’s introduction of Crispy Country Chicken.

The tender, breaded, chicken breast is baked until crisp and can be enjoyed as an individual meal, a sandwich, or on a salad.

The Crispy Country Chicken individual meal is topped with creamy county gravy and served with two gourmet sides and cornbread.

The Crispy Country Chicken sandwich is topped with a creamy Dijon spread, lettuce, and tomatoes, and served on Artisan whole grain bread or on a white baguette.

And finally, the Crispy Country Chicken can be sliced and added to Boston Market’s Caesar or Market Chopped Salad.

“We are extremely excited to introduce Crispy Country Chicken to our menu,” said Judy Cantrell, Boston Market chief brand officer. “We believe this new menu item provides a taste alternative to our signature rotisserie chicken, but our guests will taste the quality of the 100 percent white meat chicken breast.”

The new Crispy Country Chicken menu items will be supported by a national advertising campaign, launching the first week of March.

This will be the first Boston Market campaign created by Fallon, Boston Market’s new advertising agency of record.

The campaign, which will have plenty of “country-flair”, will include TV, radio, out-of-home, and online components.

“We were inspired by the consumer reaction to the idea of ‘country”, said Alex Leikikh, Fallon global group account director. “To respond, we’ve created a campaign that delivers product identification with humor, and gives consumers a chance to create their own country style.”

The new Crispy Country Chicken menu items will be available permanently in all stores for lunch and dinner beginning today.

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