Botrista Beverages announced food and beverage industry talent Mark Hatch as its newest Advisory Board member. Mr. Hatch joins Botrista’s already notable advisory board following the company’s oversubscribed Series B round, which brought the total funding to over $55 million, nearly 50% oversubscribed. The automated craft beverage company has continually gained backing from investors and restaurant industry veterans.

For the past decade, Hatch has built relationships with restaurant industry leaders and facilitated idea sharing among executives in the food and beverage space. Consistently having his finger on the pulse of the industry as well as the needs of executives and operators in the space, Hatch says, “I’m excited to assist in identifying strategic opportunities for Botrista. As a member of the Advisory Board and relying on well-established industry relationships and rapport with food and beverage industry professionals, I am prepared to make meaningful recommendations.”

Hatch continues, “Understanding that many operators are looking to identify new ways to solve labor shortage issues and mitigate rising costs, while collectively improving the customer and employee experience, Botrista’s automated craft beverage solution serves to fill a significant need. The solution also offers a creative way for restaurant and convenience brands to differentiate their offering and quench the thirst of new customers.”

Botrista’s Chief Strategy Officer, Jason Valentine, says, “We’re humbled by the opportunity to have Mark on our board. His consistent exposure among the industry’s top players and innovations further legitimizes our growth, our solution’s market potential and the value we bring to current and prospective customers.” Valentine, former President of Zoup! Eatery, went on to say, “We are eager and excited to receive Mark’s feedback and utilize his expertise as we grow and evolve together in this partnership.”

Mark joins Botrista’s bright-minded board members who share longstanding success in the food and beverage industry.  Don Fox held positions of Director of Franchise Compliance, COO and CEO at Firehouse Subs. He also held a leadership role at Burger King Corp. Of Fox’s 48 year restaurant industry career, he predominantly held leadership roles in quick-service and fast casual segments.

Fox has shared his thoughts on the restaurant of the future with QSR magazine in 2022, saying that “evolution is crucial.” According to Fox, technology and automation will be at the center of the restaurant of the future. He refers to technology and automation as a “catalyst for change.” Fox says, “As operators gain better understanding of the changes in behavior that appear to be long-lasting, we see it reflected in new restaurant designs, often dubbed the ‘restaurant of the future.’”

Former Red Lobster President and CEO of 14 years, Kim Lopdrup, also serving on Botrista’s Advisory Board, has demonstrated his depth of experience in leadership, operations and strategy. Lopdrup has pointed to Botrista’s ability to empower restaurant operators to create new, high-margin craft beverages without adding complexity or labor. He says, “Botrista DrinkBot is the right idea at the right time.”