Boudin Bakery, home of The Original San Francisco Sourdough, is offering seasonal Chocolate Raisin Sourdough Hearts for a limited time at all Boudin SF locations throughout California.

Available from February 8 to 14, these limited-time, heart-shaped loaves are freshly baked and combine the tangy flavor of Boudin’s signature sourdough with plump raisins and everyone’s favorite aphrodisiac: dark chocolate. Priced at $8.99 each, the Chocolate Raisin Sourdough Hearts are fun, unconventional Valentine’s Day gifts that are edible, sharable, and sweet.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Boudin Bakery is world-famous for The Original San Francisco Sourdough, which is baked with the same Mother Dough—or sourdough starter—used since 1849. Born in the Gold Rush, Boudin is the oldest continuously operating business in San Francisco.  Because each loaf is made from a portion of the original sourdough starter, Boudin Sourdough is one of a kind.  With its delicious tangy flavor, golden crunchy crust, and soft chewy center—along with its famous aroma—it has been described as a sensory experience in a simple loaf of bread. 

Boudin SF is a convenient, fast-casual dining restaurant with locations throughout California where guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Boudin bread can be purchased at all Boudin restaurants located throughout California, nine of which are located in Orange and San Diego counties. Boudin also offers catering and operates a gift catalog business, which can be found online.

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