Inspired by the flavors of a summertime backyard barbecue, Boudin, home of the Original San Francisco Sourdough, has introduced three new menu items featuring seasoned, seared, and slow-roasted barbecue pork. The limited time seasonal offerings are available beginning July 27 at all Boudin SF locations, which offer a unique fast-casual dining experience serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

These new items include:

· Classic BBQ Pork Sandwich: Slow-roasted and hand-pulled pork tossed in sweet and savory barbecue sauce, topped with crunchy house made coleslaw, and served hot on a garlic-buttered, toasted sourdough baguette ($9.29)

· Aloha Pork Sandwich:  Slow-roasted and hand-pulled pork slathered with an island-inspired ginger soy barbecue sauce featuring a hint of honey, topped with house-made caramelized pineapple, tangy pickled red onion, and fresh-chopped cilantro, served hot on a garlic-buttered, toasted sourdough baguette ($9.49)

· Luau Pork Salad: A mix of spring greens and cabbage topped with warm, slow-roasted pulled pork tossed in ginger soy barbecue, caramelized pineapple and tangy pickled red onion made in house, fresh-chopped cilantro, crunchy red bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, and toasted almonds served with a zesty ginger soy barbecue vinaigrette ($10.29)

“Our new menu additions capture the spirit of the summer season by combining tender, succulent, and slow-roasted pork shoulder with the perfect balance of savory, sweet, and zesty barbecue flavors,” says Alan Skversky, Boudin Bakery’s corporate chef. “Featuring a fresh mix of house-made ingredients, like our crunchy coleslaw, caramelized pineapple, and pickled red onion, each menu item delivers a bright taste of summer while also complementing our world-famous, fresh baked sourdough bread.”

Additionally, Boudin SF’s Cobb Salad will be returning to the menu by popular demand. 

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