Industry News | January 10, 2013

Brands Customize Marketing Efforts with Backstage

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For restaurants that want more holistic control over their four-walls marketing initiatives, Backstage is an effortless and fully customizable online marketing management tool designed to streamline production, maintain brand integrity, and track, measure, and analyze local marketing efforts.

The technology, developed by TKML, is already a solution for several national brands like Burger King and Taco Bell. 

Backstage helps provide flexible and localized marketing pieces to remote owners, distributors, franchises, and sales teams that increase ROI while reducing inventory cost and eliminating waste.

From direct mail pieces to POP/POS displays, Backstage empowers quick serves to manage individual marketing efforts without compromising the quality and consistency of the brand.

It allows marketing personnel in the home office to develop a core of consistent, relevant, targeted marketing materials with variable text, imagery, or picture personalization, all preapproved to meet corporate and/or other standards.

This core of data can then be repurposed to create a variety of marketing materials, such as direct mail pieces, POP/POS displays, and more, online and on-demand. This allows people closest to the customer (regional franchises, for example) can execute their own localized and customized communications campaigns, allowing them to target their local customer base more effectively.  

Brand colors and logo remain unchanged and cohesive, but the messaging can vary depending on a campaign in Seattle or handouts at a special event in New York. 

Wasted money and paper on printing becomes a thing of the past when documents are printed and personalized as they are needed, or delivered via electronic channels if the customer prefers. This also means storage space for stock marketing materials is no longer needed, saving additional money and administration. 

Backstage allows restaurants to track and analyze the effectiveness of creative and messaging while measuring ROI and the response by offer, location, and campaign. 

The software can be developed and customized on demand to meet the restaurant’s marketing and budget needs.


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