Everyone knows that Fazoli’s famous breadsticks are out of this world and now, the brand renowned for its premium quality Italian dishes is giving guests even more ways to enjoy this fresh-baked favorite.

Fazoli’s has brought together everything guests love about the brand and its menu offerings to create the next best thing since breadsticks—Breadstick Snacks.

Perfect as a shareable snack throughout the day or an add-on to an existing meal, the revolutionary new ways to indulge in these famous breadsticks include:

  • Pepperoni Pizza Breadsticks ($2.49—Each order includes six of Fazoli’s signature garlic breadstick halves, topped with mozzarella and pepperoni and baked to a golden perfection. Served with a side of marinara sauce for dipping, these savory, cheesy pull-apart breadsticks are perfect to share (or keep all to yourself).
  • Italian Breadstick Sliders ($1.99—Fazoli’s signature garlic breadsticks have been made into slider buns and filled with fresh, premium ingredients to create three new Italian Breadstick Sliders:
  • Smashed Meatball Breadstick Slider – Two meatballs topped with Fazoli’s signature marinara, sliced mozzarella, baked and finished with a basil pesto drizzle.
  • Spicy Italian Breadstick Slider—Sliced Genoa salami and capicola topped with sliced mozzarella and baked, then topped with pepperoncini and drizzled with parmesan peppercorn ranch.
  • Pepperoni Pizza Breadstick Slider—A “classic” —filled with pepperoni, topped with sliced mozzarella and Fazoli’s signature marinara.

“We listen and pay attention to our guests’ tastes and preferences in order to craft menu items that we know they’ll enjoy,” says Culinary Manager Rick Petralia. “Our guests love our signature unlimited breadsticks, so we set out to create more ways for them to be enjoyed. We’re excited to launch these delicious new menu items, we know our loyal fans are going to go crazy for them.”

These mouthwatering Breadstick Snacks will make their debut at more than 175 participating Fazoli’s restaurants across the country on Monday, June 25.

“Our Breadstick Snacks are a definite game changer,” adds CEO Carl Howard. “We took our world class breadsticks and made them even better! No one else can craft anything even remotely close to our Breadstick Snacks because we use our signature Fazoli’s breadstick recipe. They are the perfect snack for any occasion. After all, life is always better with breadsticks.”

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