VegwareUS will market Vegware brand eco-friendly restaurant supply products throughout the North American continent.

Vegware’s line of plates and bowls, knives and forks, cups and to-go boxes are all created from natural products and are all fully biodegradable and/or compostable.

Originally sold in Europe by Scotland-based Vegware, environmentally sustainable products reflect the growing corporate shift toward both sounder manufacturing options as well as smarter end-of-life procedures. At a time when America’s dependence on foreign energy has become a definite liability, VegwareUS owner Robert Bond proudly points out that not a single item in the company’s inventory contains any petroleum based substance.

“We’re hoping to set the example,” says Bond, “Vegware’s fiber based products present saner ecological and economic options that could have a significant impact in reducing the amount of waste generated from disposable tableware and cutlery products.”

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