BroadSign International Inc., a leading worldwide provider of hosted software for operating digital signage networks, and SeeSaw Networks, a media company offering the most extensive network of digital out-of-home media, today announced a collaboration of technologies integrating SeeSaw’s online media planning services with BroadSign’s ad server platform for managing global digital signage networks. The joint development of technology services will provide streamlined delivery of campaign metrics and reliable reporting for national advertisers while helping to drive measurement standards for the digital out-of-home advertising marketplace.

Together SeeSaw and BroadSign will create a new open application program interface (API) to enable accurate, real-time reporting by automating inventory updates, proof-of-play reporting, and insertion order delivery. Media planners and buyers will be able to view available advertising inventory, purchase inventory, execute ad campaigns, and view proof-of-play reports, all from SeeSaw’s online media planning service, Digital signage networks will have a new ability to further monetize their screens and increase the media value of their venues through the BroadSign and SeeSaw partnership.

“Technology integration is key to unlocking this fragmented market of hundreds of digital signage networks and is a crucial evolutionary step in planning national digital out-of-home media campaigns that provide metrics and accountability,” said Rick Engels, president and chief executive officer of BroadSign International. “BroadSign’s partnership with SeeSaw will enable the digital out-of-home advertising industry to advance to the next level of reliability and measurement in the same way that online advertising has driven the overall marketplace.”

BroadSign’s recently announced audited measurement results from Arbitron enable advertisers to measure the success of their campaign with pinpoint accuracy. BroadSign’s proof of play certified by Arbitron combined with SeeSaw’s planning services provides a new level of compliance for advertisers and media agencies. In developing an open API, BroadSign and SeeSaw will provide the opportunity for others across the industry to take advantage of this breakthrough and to collaborate on open standards for measurement of digital out-of-home media. BroadSign and SeeSaw are both members of OVAB dedicated to advancing the industry through collaborative innovation on industry standards.
“Digital out-of-home provides national advertisers with a media that engages people everywhere they go and as the industry continues to grow, real-time delivery of measurement and reporting will ensure the highest levels of customer service for media agencies,” said Peter Bowen, chief executive officer of SeeSaw Networks. “By partnering with BroadSign and integrating our service offerings through an open API, we are able to offer fully automated campaign execution functionality, reliability, accountability and true scalability across our extensive digital out-of-home network.”

Through its affiliate program, SeeSaw Networks reaches people across 36 digital signage networks in 25 diverse types of venues including: coffee shops, universities, restaurants, dental offices, and airports across the country. BroadSign’s SaaS platform, which can be considered the largest connected digital signage network in the world, delivers more than five million pieces of content daily in 25 countries across more than 100 networks and more than 100 million weekly impressions.