All set to drive sales and enhance the dining experience at Broaster Chicken restaurants, The Broaster Company is launching six on-trend dipping sauce flavors, as well as a spicy chicken filet.

Together, they enhance The Broaster Company line of products that includes chicken tenders, shrimp, boneless wings, bone-in wings, and chicken filets.

The dipping sauces are available in two convenient sizes: 1.25-ounce dipping cups and a gallon-size jug with a handy pump for countertop or back-of-the-house use.

“Our testing was twofold. We spoke to consumer focus groups for the desire for dipping sauces and ensured that we are engaged with the trends,” says Chad Vendette, director of marketing.

The dipping sauces come in a range of flavor profiles, including BBQ Sauce, Honey Mustard, Ranch, Asian, Signature, and Mild Wing Sauce.

“When we reviewed consumer research on the most popular dipping sauces, those six flavors consistently came to the top,” Vendette says. “Dipping sauces enhance the dining experience and will drive operator sales.”

The 4-ounce spicy chicken filet has a spicy flavor profile and is typically served on a bun.

Broaster’s Cajun popcorn chicken, standard breaded chicken filet, and boneless buffalo wing are complementary products.

“The spicy chicken filet filled a gap in our product line,” Vendette says. “It meets a growing consumer taste profile.”

A breaded product, it carries Broaster’s signature marinades and breadings. 

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