Broaster Company, an industry leader in branded food concepts and manufacturer of high-quality foodservice equipment, has entered the chicken sandwich arena with its all new Genuine Broaster Chicken Sandwich, now available for operator orders.

The one and only Broasted chicken sandwich, boasting an all-white meat chicken breast coated and marinated with Broaster’s signature recipe, provides the same flavorful crunch that can be expected from any Genuine Broaster Chicken (GBC) menu item. 

Broaster’s pressure frying equipment and process is what makes this new sandwich more tender and juicier compared to ordinary fried chicken. Operators will be able to capitalize on the chicken sandwich trend with the help of Broaster-recommended recipe builds—like pickles with mayo and a deluxe option or adding bacon, cheese, avocado or a fried egg to create a customized item for customers. 

“We are thrilled to offer our operators the opportunity to serve their guests an unforgettable chicken sandwich experience that will leave them more than satisfied,” says Greg West, SVP marketing & food innovation, Broaster Company. “Our pressure frying process seals in the juices and provides the crunch that is second to none when it comes to the chicken sandwich trend. We encourage anyone to take on the chicken sandwich challenge with us and taste the difference in Broasted Chicken.”

The new chicken sandwich, which uses the same coating as many other Genuine Broaster Chicken items like freshly hand-breaded tenders, is now considered a staple in Broaster’s menu offerings that will be sure to satisfy any customer.

With more than 65 years of experience and thousands of licensed operators worldwide, Broaster Company leads the industry in equipment technology and chicken innovation

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