Brooklyn Dumpling Shop, the nation’s fastest growing dumpling automat concept, today announced a signed multi-unit franchise deal to bring the brand to the state of Georgia for the first time. Franchisee Patrick Fisher closed on a deal with Brooklyn Dumpling Shop to bring at least five units to Atlanta.

“The Brooklyn Dumpling Shop concept embraces culinary fusion that appeals to the American palate while merging with technological innovation. What a perfect time to introduce this new and exciting concept to the Atlanta market,” says Fisher. “Coupled with Stratis Morfogen, Robert Cummins and Dave Thomas’ knowledge and experience within the restaurant space, this franchise concept is an industry gamechanger. I’m excited to be a part of the future growth of the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop brand here in Atlanta, and eventually throughout the U.S. and around the globe.”

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is on track to meet its target growth trajectory of 250 units in development within two years after a year of rapid growth since its inception in 2020. Since the highly anticipated opening of Brooklyn Dumpling Shop in New York’s East Village, the brand has signed new franchise deals for more than 35 units throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Texas and Florida and is exploring additional markets for expansion. The brand also recently attended the 2021 International Franchise Expo where the concept’s successful booth attracted crowds eager to learn more about Brooklyn Dumpling Shop’s technology and sample dumplings from the menu.

“I was convinced early on that Patrick is the right partner for the Atlanta market,” says Stratis Morfogen, owner of Brooklyn Dumpling Shop. “He understands our passion for the modern, high-tech guest experience and operations we are achieving at Brooklyn Dumpling Shop like no other existing QSR. Partnering with Patrick was an easy decision.”

“Brooklyn Dumpling Shop continues to prove its unique concept is a one-of-a-kind brand for franchisees to invest in,” said Dan Rowe, CEO of Fransmart, Brooklyn Dumpling Shop’s franchise development partner. “The revival of the automat concept and focus on technology is especially important in today’s climate to help combat the current labor shortage issues restaurants are challenged with.”

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