Brooklyn Water Bagel announced the launch of its new iced coffee flavor—CinaBuzz, a cinnamon infused roast made with 50 percent more caffeine.

Brooklyn Water Bagel’s newest coffee was created by the company’s in-house Roastmaster Christopher Conover who worked diligently for over two years to perfect the new CinaBuzz blend. This flavorful extra-caffeinated roast is sure to give guests a long-lasting buzz of energy. In addition to its extra jolt of caffeine, the brew is poured over Brooklyn Water Bagel’s famous frozen coffee ice cubes, allowing the drink to maintain its flavor and strength without watering down. The brand’s signature coffee ice cubes are the star ingredient in Brooklyn Water Bagel’s iced coffee, aptly named the Cubsta.

“I wanted to create a high-energy coffee while still maintaining a robust and rich aromatic flavor,” says Christopher Conover, Brooklyn Water Bagel Roastmaster. “By infusing cinnamon into a special grade of Arabica beans, I created a blend with an extra kick of flavor. Not only does this coffee taste great, but it also packs a lot of energy which is something our coffee aficionados are often seeking – plus our coffee ice cubes are the perfect finishing touch to keep it from watering down.”

With more than 26 years of experience in the coffee industry, Conover is an expert in the art of roasting coffee beans and perfecting new blends and flavors for the Brooklyn Water Bagel brand. He leads the company’s day-to-day coffee roasting operation at its 800-square foot roastery in Delray Beach, Florida. Using a mid-size roaster, Conover and his team produce approximately 10,000 pounds of coffee per week using only the finest, hand-picked Arabica beans imported from the coffee capitals of the world – Colombia, Guatemala, Indonesia, Brazil and Kenya. Every week, batches of fresh beans are united with the brand’s 14-stage proprietary filtered water process to create the ultimate cup of coffee.

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