Bruegger’s today announced the introduction of a new Pretzel Bagel to its family of 18 bagel flavors. The dark, caramel-colored bagel is salt studded like a classic soft pretzel and makes the perfect platform for your favorite Bruegger’s sandwich or simply with your choice of mustard for an afternoon snack. It is available for the same price of a regular bagel, 85 to 99 cents depending upon the market, for a limited time only.

Like all Bruegger’s bagels, the new Pretzel Bagels are made from fresh dough and kettle boiled before they are baked to create a crust on the outside and a dense, chewy texture on the inside. In addition, the Pretzel Bagel makes a tasty addition to a Thanksgiving Day table.

“The new Pretzel Bagel is a flavorful and fun addition to our bagel menu,” said Bruegger’s Chief Executive Officer James J. Greco. “This is another delicious, healthful choice for our guests, especially as an afternoon snack when they’re looking for something savory instead of a dessert item.”

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