Bruegger’s Bagels announced the first ever “Skinny Bagel,” with the same taste and texture as a classic bagel, but with 100 fewer calories.
Just in time for summer, Bruegger’s Skinny Bagel will be offered in all of the bagel leader’s 300 locations. Guests can order any of Bruegger’s 15-plus varieties “skinny,” due to Bruegger’s unique process. Instead of changing the recipe of its time-tested, New York-style bagel, Bruegger’s cuts the bagels using a patented knife, removing approximately one-third of the bagel’s center but preserving its unique eggshell crust and delicious toppings. The result? Guests have a lower calorie option without sacrificing variety or taste.
“With 62 percent of national consumers planning on eating healthier in 2011,” says CEO Jim Greco, “Bruegger’s is excited to offer our guests a healthier option without sacrificing any of the flavor they have come to expect from our bagels.”
Unique to the marketplace, the Skinny Bagel offers guests the flexibility to order any of their favorite bagel combinations or sandwiches, skinny or regular, rounding out the bagel leader’s comprehensive menu of healthy breakfast and lunch choices.  
In May and June, Bruegger’s will also roll out a new turkey sausage option, to be featured with the new low-calorie bagel in the Skinny Zesty Egg White Sandwich, a limited-time offer. This breakfast option, with about 410 calories, features egg whites, turkey sausage, Swiss cheese, and sundried tomato spread on guest’s chosen variety of skinny bagel. The bagel leader plans to roll out additional healthy options throughout the summer.

All of Bruegger’s bagels, including skinny bagels,are baked fresh in each bakery all day, every day and are made with just five simple ingredients, with no additives or preservatives. 

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