Bruster’s Real Ice Cream will add another new premium flavor for Valentine’s Day: Chocolate Mudslide.

Bruster’s ice cream makers in each shop start with dark chocolate ice cream, then, by hand, mix in swirls of marshmallow, chunks of Oreo cookie and bits of brownies.
Being scooped for a limited time, Chocolate Mudslide can be enjoyed in a freshly made waffle cone, dish, sundae or shake. Pints, quarts, and half-gallons are available.

“Introducing premium new flavors on a regular basis delights our guests and in turn drives sales,” says Mike Branigan, vice president of Marketing and Product Innovation.
Bruster’s has completed seven consecutive quarters of same-store sales growth, with 45 stores setting sales records in 2014. Average unit volume between 2012 and 2014 grew almost 20 percent.

For Valentine’s Day, Bruster’s also has brought back Death by Chocolate. This indulgent treat is made from dark chocolate ice cream, too. It features gooey fudge, sweet brownie bits, chocolate chunks, and chocolate krispies.


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