Bruster's Real Ice Cream is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a “25 Days of Selfies” contest. Fans can grab a spoonful, cup, or cone of their favorite Bruster’s frozen treat, snap a creative selfie, and text “BrustersSelfie” to 343434.

No Bruster’s nearby? That’s not a problem, because no purchase is required. Everyone who sends in a selfie—with or without ice cream in it—gets a Bruster’s discount coupon.

Eligible selfies will be posted on Bruster's Facebook page and be entered into a random drawing. Each week in July, one winner will be selected to receive free ice cream for a year in the form of a gift card.

“Bruster’s has been putting smiles on faces for 25 years, and this is our way of thanking our customers and involving them in our celebration,” says Michael Branigan, vice president of marketing. “It’s sort of a virtual anniversary party. We can’t wait to see what kind of fun, crazy selfies people send in.”

As part of its celebration, Bruster’s also created a special 25th anniversary flavor, Black Cherry Chocolate Chunk, available only in July.

In 2013, Bruster’s sold 1.5 millions gallons of ice cream and 3,357,900 waffles cones. It used 65,000 pounds of Reese’s Cups, 103,000 pounds of pecans, and 3.8 million ounces of whipped cream.

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