The idea of Bruster’s Real Ice Cream originated in Bridgewater, Pennsylvania, in 1989. More than 30 years later, the national brand continues to grow, but it isn’t forgetting its roots in Pittsburgh. Considered one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city, Squirrel Hill is full of well-known restaurants, shops and now, a Bruster’s Real Ice Cream located at 4584 Browns Hill Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15217.

Led by first-time franchisee and owner Chad McWreath, the store offers 1,300 square feet of space as well as three serving windows, one pickup window and a fenced in patio featuring tables and benches for customers to enjoy. Stationed on the corner of a highly trafficked plaza, and near to Pittsburgh’s Waterfront shopping and dining district, the store also offers off-street parking.

“We’ve proudly welcomed Chad to the Bruster’s family as he opens the next great store in our home market,” says Bruster’s CEO Jim Sahene. “His vision for Squirrel Hill is one of great responsibility and understanding of what a simple smile – or great scoop of ice cream – can do for the community. He is a wonderful fit for Bruster’s, and we are excited to join him on his journey as a franchisee.”

Bruster’s of Squirrel Hill officially opened on Friday, May 21, 2021 and is the result of more than 12-months of work. McWreath was committed to finding the perfect location that allowed for his desired combination of access, parking and building design. He and his staff of approximately two dozen are hosting a COVID-19 safe grand opening celebration beginning Friday, July 2, 2021 through Sunday, July 4, 2021. Perfectly timed with the start of National Ice Cream Month, there will be ice cream tastings, and more.

“As I sought a new career opportunity, I found a way to combine my love of ice cream with my desire to mentor young people to be the best versions of themselves,” McWreath says. “At Bruster’s we want to be an asset to the community, positioned an as excellent place to take the family for a treat, and a professional development center for our youth.”

And while McWreath will offer his favorite Bruster’s ice cream flavor – Banana Chocolate Chip – at this store, that’s not all he wants to achieve.

“Our store hopes to provide a small oasis for the Squirrel Hill community they can be deeply connected to,” he continues. “We want the community to know it’s ‘their Bruster’s’ … and in fact, it will be. Our feedback from the community has been tremendous.”

McWreath ensured his shop was intentionally inclusive earning Kosher certification, complying with ADA regulations and providing delivery services to make sure all are comfortable when buying from Bruster’s.

“We recognize as a local business we are responsible for helping to improve the community we serve,” continues McWreath. “Our business must set a standard of excellence the community can be proud of. No-one succeeds unless we all do.”

Bruster’s of Squirrel Hill marks the brand’s eleventh location in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area and 22nd overall in Pennsylvania.

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